Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Site Layout

Though the previous site design was colorful it had some embedded coding issues and it was time for a change. So here's the blog, version 3.0!

The biggest and most welcomed change will be 'click to read more' buttons on the posts, which should cut down on the wall of text and also help shield the eyes of those who didn't expect to arrive to a visceral scene of piggy carnage.

Which is good because I have two pig head posts coming up...

So I'm going to tweak this thing today until it's working properly. I have to say that I found this tutorial on moving your widgets to be pretty helpful. What a pain.

Back in 1998-2000 I was really into computers and envisioned a bright future as yet another goatee'd Seattle dot-commer. I learned HTML, Pascal, Java and some C++ before I realized that I really, really didn't enjoy it. You need that slight OCD problem-solving instinct to program well, and I would lose interest after about the tenth time something didn't work right. Nope, nitpicking code for a missed is not for me.

Days like today remind me just what a good decision that was. Of course the dot-com bust also helped. Then again I wanted to go State Dept during the Bush Years. Now I'm trying to get a job as a young lawyer during the econopocalypse.

Sometimes I feel like I live my life on an opposite wavelength to the business cycle. Whenever I'm not in need of work the economy is doing fine, whenever I need work nobody's hiring.

UPDATE 1:00 PM "Featured" slider is up and running! Three... Hours... But oh it's a thing of beauty ain't it?


Trish said...

the slider is nice, and as for your timing with the job market... well you do have Hews blood in you... I seem to recall Papa was ever at odds with the stock market, perhaps this is your manifestation of genetic predisposition to crappy luck...? xxoo

Russell Hews Everett said...

Hmmm interesting question. Is luck genetic? In the sense of it being an all-powerful mystical force altering odds in your favor, probably not. But in the sense of "Surprise! Your ancestors gave you a 95% chance of Face Cancer!" or "Somehow you have inherited the perfect platonic ideal genes. You are as a god to us. Lowly mortals weep at your passing." then yeah, I suppose luck can get a bit genetic.

Meredith said...

Are you kidding, luck is totally genetic. Natural selection in action. Those truely unlucky never get to pass on their genes.

Russell Hews Everett said...

But aren't you confusing coincidence with causality? And who's to say you haven't already bred before you tragically drown in the Great Molasses Flood?

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