Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Always Double Check Your Connections

Yep. Whole Pony Keg of stout gone, and most of a co2 cylinder.

My cloud of profanity is still hanging somewhere out over Puget Sound.

Can't wait to clean this up.


Firmly filed in the Don't Do This tag.


Chloe said...

Poor, Russell. I am so sorry.


Trish said...

OOooohh... is THAT what that noise was?.... have the dog lick it all up! You get a cleaning crew and a show!

JSKC said...

Wow. I'm sorry for your loss.

Bob said...

I've done this before, I know your pain.

Russell Hews Everett said...

Ugh. I've had this happen with leaky corny kegs in the past, so I've gotten pretty good at knowing how to stop their shenanigans. But this is just the second sanke keg I've hooked up to the new tap. I did remember to put the washer in, just didn't tighten the connection down enough. It's hand tightened, which could be the problem. You really have to tighten it down. Worst part was I actually thought: "Hmmm probably should go check that in 15 minutes or so..." but got distracted by dinner. Argh.

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