Monday, May 04, 2009

The Bacon Explosion

Sweet Jesus, the Bacon Explosion...

So my friend John passed the Florida Bar and we decided to have a party for him. Some weeks prior we had discussed the possibility of making a Bacon Explosion. This seemed like the perfect occasion. So a couple weeks back he came over and helped create this abomination unto the Lord of Dieting.

We followed the recipe fairly exactly, but with some minor modifications. Here you can see the bacon woven into the bacon-mat. We placed it on a rack and stuck it into the oven to par-cook at about 400 for 10 minutes. Enough that it shrunk a bit and hopefully would be dry and crunchy when the whole thing was done. On the right is the mat fresh out of the oven.

Next the sausage was spread on and the BBQ sauce applied. We used a mild Italian sausage. I don't know why the recipe uses Italian sausage. Seems a weird flavor choice... Wouldn't maple work better? Or some fresh chorizo? Oh well. Next time.

In the middle went about a pound of chopped, fried up bacon. About half was the same bacon as the bacon-net. The rest was homemade guanciale. Delicious!

The Passion of the Newly Admitted Lawyer

Here it is all rolled up. You can feel your arteries hardening just looking at it. It's like the Medusa. But with bacon snakes.

It went onto my smoker, where it lived at 250 degrees in a maple smoke for about 3 hours. When it was 160 inside we gave it a brushing with more sauce then pulled it about 5 minutes later.

It sliced nicely, giving little pinwheels of saucy-sausagey-bacony goodness. Overall, it was fun do, but I doubt I'll do it again. Nothing earth-shatteringly amazing about it. That said, the bacon-mat is awesome and I'll definitely be using it for something else in the future. Roasts? Meatloaf? A smoked ham? The possibilities are numerous.

Then again, there's always the Bacon Explosion Wellington...

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