Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Youtube Stardom - The Vertical Epic

Haha, never expected to have my name up on a youtube video. (All my painful hijinks as a youth were not recorded, and thus not up for viral fame. Though there's a great video of my family tying a younger version of me's loose tooth to a door, and slamming it shut, around somewhere...) Cheer's to Chris for the fine photography and his awesome girlfriend with video skills.

But yeah, I didn't feel like going through the hassle of moving the beer collection across the country, under refrigeration, guarded by Cossacks. So I invited a bunch of our serious beer friends over and we staged some awesome verticals.

On the docket was:
Things also began with some nice single bottles, a Russian River Pliny the Elder, a Bell's Hopslam, Dogfish Burton Baton, some of my homebrews, and many more.

Great friends, great food, great beer, great party!

That's it for my carefully cherished and hoarded Vertical Epics, but fortunately Stone posts a more or less instructive "recipe" for each one. So next year's brew project will be to brew a batch of each of the last eight years' brews. One a month. The Homebrew Horizontal-Vertical Epic.

And just for posterity, there were about 15 people around the table, so pours were about an ounce each. Otherwise, were you to go looking for me today "you'd find me a grave man..."


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