Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sake Update IV: Racking

After about two weeks in the lager fridge the sake had settled nicely and it was time to rack it off the remaining kasu.

I used two 1-gallon jugs to contain it, which was just about the perfect volume. The jugs went into a hot water bath until they hit an internal temp of 140. Then on went a growler lid.

This should pasteurize them, remove excess co2, and help them keep a lot longer while they mellow a bit. I figure two months should do it. Right now it's technically muroka, or unfiltered sake. But I want it to be seishu, clear sake. So I'll hit them with some bentonite about a week before I run them through my wine filter. Then it's into bottles, re-pasteurize, and drink!

So far taste tests of the muroka have led to a verdict of: delicious. I'm very optimistic about the final product. Just have to wait two months...


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