Sunday, July 19, 2009

No Posts 'Till Brooklyn

...No sleep till the Bar Exam.

T-minus 9 days. I'm dropping off the face of the planet until at least August. But I've got some good posts lined up. The bacon and pancetta are done (and delicious!) and I got a hog jowl today for guanciale. Also the nitro tap is up and running and pretty much everything I thought beer could be. And one of my hop vines is now over the roof. I don't know where it will stop. Some castle in the clouds, presumably.

Ok. An Evidence and a Criminal Law essay and I can go to bed. Then get up at six and write four more essays. Whee.

Mental Soundtrack: dueling bouts of Jason Webley's Dance While the Sky Crashes Down and Sparklehorse's It's a Wonderful Life.
I'm the dog that ate
your birthday cake

it's a wonderful life...
It takes strength to laugh
when you start to drown
and we dance
while the sky
crashes down!
(also "It's raining leprosy and acid." That line always makes me laugh.)

See you in August.


David said...

Good Luck Russell!

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