Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coconut Cup

So another Coconut Cup has come and gone! Many thanks to everyone in the club who worked to make sure it went near-flawlessly. This year we had fewer entries, around 250, but at three bottles each that means we had more bottles to deal with than ever before. I know that I personally judged many fine beers this year, particularly a flight of nearly flawless lagers! Good job homebrewers, keep it up! In terms of the club competition MASH lost the Cup for the second year in a row to the Tampa Bay BEERS. But we did come in second, which is better than last year!

Most everyone in the club who entered won a medal, some for the first time, so congrats to all. The results can be found here. I didn't get into homebrewing for the competitive aspect, though I know some people are really into it. But I save a couple bottles throughout the year for our own club's competition, you know, solidarity and all that. This year I took three medals: a Gold for Shoggoth's Old Peculiar Barleywine, a Silver for Brother Russell's Tripel, and a Silver for a Coconut Beer, affectionately titled "A seagull eating pommes frites from the husk of a coconut on a hot day after Christmas while Pater Noel roasts slowly in the afternoon sun on South Beach...dreaming of next year."

And no, that's not my tanned, leathery chest in the photo. It's our dining room table, which just happens to be tanned and leather (it's an Equipale).


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