Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CSA Week 12

Crazy weekend, what with the Coconut Cup on Saturday. Here's this weeks' haul:

  • Lettuce
Salads this week.
  • Kale
Still a bit unclear. Thinking about a pasta dish, or kale chips again for a party tomorrow.
  • Roma Tomatoes
Salad, salsa (oh man are our chile plants producing!!!), maybe into some pasta. Last week we did a Carbonara (Armandino Battali's Recipe from Salumi!) and added two Romas so it wasn't all pancetta and cheese... Just mostly.
  • Strawberries
Like the last round of Strawberries these were right on the verge of going bad. So they were immediately chopped and placed in a bowl with some sugar and chopped carambola and left to macerate in the fridge for future use. See below.
  • Dill
Will go into a variety of sides and salads.
  • Green Beans
Three-quarters or so went into Dill Beans last night for a side. The rest will be part of a general catch all Thai stirfry.
  • Canistels
When they're ripe I'm thinking Canistel Pie Mk II?
  • Callaloo
Argh, I thought we were done. Well I've still got a bunch of West Indian Curry spice that I mixed up. I'll see if I can find some more goat or maybe use the greens as a base for a Jerk Snapper or something.

Last Week Wrapup / Uses So far

The Black Sapotes went into another round of Black Sapote Muffins and they are excellent. Even better this time. In a flash of genius, I took the macerated strawberries and carambola slices and made a sortof Strawberry Shortcake with a Black Sapote Muffin, Strawberries and Carambolas, and a dollop of Meyer Lemon Curd on Top. Outstanding.

Last night's dinner took a German twist. I had some leftover Weisswursts that I made last month and decided to use them. So on the left we have a Weisswurst (recipe from Michael Ruhlman's Charcuterie) on a bed of the red potatoes we got last week, par-boiled then sauteed with some leftover sauerkraut, red onion, garlic, and juniper berries. There were some steamed green beans with butter, chopped dill, salt, pepper, and dill seed. And a radish salad using the radish tops and sliced red radishes and french breakfast radishes with dill and a leftover bit of tzatziki from Mykonos. All in all a pleasantly satisfying dinner.


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