Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brouwer's Tour de Fat Afterparty

So New Belgium had its annual Tour de Fat down at Gasworks. My bike is currently in tragic shape, and we had stuff to do. But the afterparty was at Brouwers and we were there for that. Over the night we tried them all. Then got serious late-night coffee before heading home. Here's the taps:

There was:
  • Dunkel Weiss 30 (Outstanding!)
  • The Trip III (w/Elysian. Not great, kinda 'homebrewy' actually)
  • Le Fleur Misseur (Ridiculously floral! Combo of flowery dryhops and treating Brett correctly!)
  • Dandelion Ale (M loves this one, may have to make an attempt next Spring.)
  • Love (I love love love Love. What else is there to say? It's the unblended starter for La Folie and their other Sour Ales)
  • Abbey Grand Cru (The unlabled tap. Not a fan, too sweet. My strong dark is better IMHO :)
  • Tart Lychee (Weird! But not my favorite. M would "drink a lot of it and it would be very dangerous."
  • Transatlantique Kriek (Nom nom nom)
  • La Terroir (Wow. Strong Brett/Lacto, harsh horseblankety almost to bitter. Not as tart as La Folie though, maybe a bit more hop aromas. But delicious!)
  • La Folie (OM NOM NOM! See how seriously I take this commentating?)
  • Mighty Arrow Pale, Mothership Wit, 1554 (all good, but I can get them in the grocery store)
Also, the Gold Sprints bikes races were progressively rowdy and, as ever, God's Favorite Beefcake tore up the stage.

Here's the draught list for the night.

You might also note that one of the taps to the far left is Russian River Publication...


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