Monday, August 31, 2009

Hop Harvest I

Well, it was time to get the ladder out and check on the hop cones that had developed over the course of the summer.

All in all, a disappointing first harvest. The Centennial and Chinook bines were planted at the end of May, and have grown up over the roof, while the Cascade and Willamette, which went in a month later, still are only about as tall as me. But their roots are now set and I expect good things next year. Fortunately, there are still a bunch of proto-cones on the Centennial and Chinook plants, so I expect another round of harvesting throughout September.

As you can see, the Centennial on the left has grown up over the roof, while the Chinook on the right was tied to a light and once it hit that point couldn't quite figure out where to go... But a couple days ago it shot out a bunch of flowers so all is not lost.

Meanwhile my other hops haven't really done much this year. :(

But the cones from the first picking were spread out to dry. Forecast is for several days of mid-70's and sunny, so I'll leave them out to dry for three days or so.


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