Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nitro Is Go!

The new Nitro tap is up and running! And it's sweet... But it was a pain in the behind to get going. Here's why.

I went to Ballard Central Welding to get a 5lb beer gas tank. And got one, no problem. Which is good, because apparently it's a problem to find such small tanks in some parts of the country.

Then I got home and tried to put the regulator on. My tank had a standard co2 nozzle. My reg had the female nitrogen nozzle. D'oh! Much posting to TechTalk ensues. Many thanks for all the input from everyone!

Back to the welding store. Oh, we have an adapter. It'll be in tomorrow.

Back to the welding store. That'll be $20. Argh. Ok. Finally:

Yay, more connections to potentially leak. Oh well, Teflon tape and soapy water check. Doing fine.

Into the newly repainted freezer you go. Tied to the co2 tank for a bit more stability.

Yes, that is a stencil of Mr. T.

Hooked up the tap. Cranked the nitro reg to 35psi (have since moved it down a bit, still trying to find the prefect level for my setup you know. Going to redo the draught lines soon anyway, then I'll do the math and find the perfect psi/length/diameter/lovely wife? Can you do the math for me please!?!). Have the problem of pulling mildly foamy pints, but then I'm usually pulling the first pint out of a warm end of the line. Don't have it in me to tinker with the freezer to chill all the way to the tap, just put some insulation in.

Screw on the handles. The old Mendocino Brewing handle works great on the nitro faucet! It's really heavy, like "It was Russell, in the Conservatory, with the Mendocino Brewing Tap Handle" heavy. And it will turn my normal taps on accidentally, so I don't use it much. But not the nitro faucet. Sweet.

The Shoggoth's Little Peculiar American Amber half of the Shoggoth's Partigyle went on nitro. The other tap is the Triticus Minimus half of the Triticus Partigyle. (It was very delicious but has since kicked, sadly.)


And thanks again to our friends for gifting us with this marvelous new evil superpower!

Coming up on the nitro tap: Nitro Baltic Porter. Nitro Buckwheat Honey Stout. Nitrotoberfest?


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